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GUY BLUME DESIGN- gardens & interiors

Elegant and nearly effortless garden and home interiors

-in Southern California

Guy Blume is an uncommon combination of interior designer, interior architect, and landscape artist whose aesthetic is an unique combination of global eclecticism, French Classicism, modern design, and Zen.

He creates in-home and garden sanctuaries that are serene, elegant, cerebral, and respectful of Southern California’s environmental beauty, for clients who want something different, something uplifting, something informed by Guy’s global architectural experience from Paris to Seychelles to Dubai, his personal practice in Buddhist contemplative arts, and his commitment to kindness in service.

"Guy Blume helped me convert my garage. 


He was so clear about what I needed to do to make the room attractive and functional, it is like he's got a 6th sense. 


The room now has a lot of light and is spacious, people really enjoy being in the room.

Guy is also fun to work with, he has a good sense of humor. I trust him implicitly."

                 Kathy Gronau- Creative PR & Media

Meet Guy; experience his design aesthetic in the portfolio; or review his interior design, architecture, and landscape services for homeowners and business owners in Los Angeles and area. To speak to Guy directly about your landscape or interior needs call (323) 394 3802 or visit the contact page.

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