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Hi, I’m Guy.

Globally experienced- interior designer, and landscape artist – at home in Los Angeles

I’m the designer-proprietor of Guy Blume Design-Interiors & Gardens in Los Angeles, and I’m an internationally-engaged interior designer, and landscape artist. I create spaces – inside homes and businesses and outside, too – that are restorative, soothing, smart, environmentally sage, and very beautiful.

While I’ve owned this practice since 2009, I’ve really always done this work.

As a boy, I loved to build tree houses. My childhood friends would tell you they were extraordinary with bridges connecting platforms, levels accessed by trapdoors with a crow’s nest atop. Everything was built with lumber scavenged from trash piles at building sites. My houses were fantasy lands waving in the treetops, or imagined ships sailing across the sky of our street.

Years passed, and I was in my last semester of college with plans to go on to law school. With electives to fill I decided to take a painting class. Painting was a revelation and awakened a long dormant impulse toward creativity. Much to my parents’ chagrin I decided to skip law school and instead accepted the offered spot for me at Parsons School of Design in New York.

After Parsons, I moved to the west coast where I worked at a Beverly Hills design firm. In these years, the AIDS crisis was beginning. Young men, women, and children were dying and there was little effective treatment. The most that any of us could do was to try and keep infected people healthy as long as possible and, to me, having a nourishing diet seemed a logical place to start. I started out volunteering in my spare time at a non-profit organization that provided food for people with AIDS. Before long, they offered me a full-time position which I accepted.

Eleven years later, as medical understanding and ability improved, the worst of the AIDS crisis had passed. I left the non-profit where I’d worked and returned to my first love, design, but, deeply affected by all I’d seen of life and death, I also began a serious exploration into my own higher consciousness. Concurrently, I worked in design and pursued my interest in meditation, Buddhism, and Buddhist psychology. After ten more years of working in the interior design field in projects as diverse as modest North American residences to major European hotel chains and Middle Eastern spas, I came to the realization that interiors and gardens – on any scale – could be as nourishing for the soul as food is to the body.

I saw how the living environment could lead us back to our natural sanity, and that we could extend that sanity outwards. I founded Guy Blume Design.


Influenced by my Buddhist practice and aware that tranquility in our modern world is increasingly rare, my vision – now realized – was to found a design company based on Zen principals, that would bring the balance of art, science, philosophy, and nature to the design of gardens, homes and commercial interiors. I bring to Los Angeles a deep understanding of the global influences that shape the world of design. My gardens and interiors are richly layered by my experience, studies, travel, and knowledge. I would like to help you create a room, home, business, or garden that brings you and your loved ones peace, the pleasure of beauty, and a healing sense of sanctuary.

I would love to bring beauty into your life. Let's talk about the next step for creating your own personal sanctuary. Contact me here.

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"My partner Noah and I asked Guy Blume for help when we bought our first house. He was the first call I made."

"The house was in dire need of artistic vision. Guy was able to take in our personal, often conflicting, preferences and bring in his own recommendations to create a unique overall aesthetic. Guy has impeccable taste and is a pleasure to work with. He gives his clients the space they need to express their own vision and provides a gentle guiding hand when needed."  


"I would absolutely work with Guy again as he understands the needs of his clients in every way."


                                                                                -Allison Conant

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